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For providing a robust environment based on which your website can run without interruption, we bring forth our expertise in Linux hosting for our business clients. This will ensure a seamless experience where our website development support will sync with web hosting features to take your mind off worries to ensure that your website is up and running at all times.

Linux hosting features

We specialize in Linux hosting. As many business websites work best on the Linux environment, our hosting service is based on servers that work on the Linux pirating system. These are hosting plans with server software which work with Linux operating system. There are several advantages with Linux based servers:

  • The users get complete control.
  • There are scripts that are readily available.
  • Different programs easily execute on the Linux operating system.
  • The LAMP combination proves effective – the combination of Linux with Apache, MySQL and PHP, Python or Perl.

Advantages over other hosting environment

With the Linux operating system you get an open source environment. The security structure is secure and rigid, which provides a more stable environment to work with. The programming languages that are supported by the Linux servers allow programmers to work more freely.

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Web Hosting Features
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What we offer

With Linux based web hosting, we can cover the requirements of a large number of clients. At the same time, different kinds of web hosting plans can be offered to the customers. Not only is the web hosting environment secure and stable, we supplement with the same dedicated support. The customer support team works round the clock to ensure minimal downtime and connections and application support in a seamless manner to the website hosted on our servers. There is a guarantee provided by 99.9%, which is the uptime guarantee of our server performance. Along the different add on features we offer, unlimited data transfer is a feature that comes of much use to the different businesses.

What you get

The hosting plans might be varied, but they include certain perks that are basic to all hosting plans. With a nominal fee, which can be paid monthly or annually, you will get a certain amount of hosting space for free along with data transfer unlimited. MYSQL scripting features are inherent in every web hosting plan along with the uptime guarantee provided to each web hosting client, no matter which type of plan he or she opts for.