Software Development

Software Development

If you are in need of customized software and need it integrated with your website, you need not worry. Along with website development and web design services, development of applications is an inherent skill and the expertise of our teams. At Santram Web Solution you will find professionals who are versatile and skilled with in depth knowledge of the latest technologies. Whether it is of the World Wide Web or software development, you can rely on us.

Our web application expertise is in depth. Whether it is creating website applications that are simple or you need an intranet or extranet applications to be developed, you can depend on us. We will help diverse e-business applications as well when you wish to develop and run an e-commerce online venture. Our team of web application development will help to develop software which will ensure that your website can be accessed on different browsers, being platform independent and offering a single interface to your viewers and customers.

B2B and B2C solutions

The solutions we can develop for you can be integrated with B2C or B2B platforms. These could be for the intranet or for use over the internet across differing technologies as well as industries. We have a process oriented approach which will help you develop applications which will showcase the following properties:

Increase in employee productivity

Our developers will understand the unique requirements of your business or company and design applications that would be convenient and simple to use by the employees.

Content management

Applications for content management will allow you to maintain a comprehensive presence online and provide crucial information to the customers who can be updated as and when required. Content management applications for commercial or corporate sites that we develop are usually made familiar to the clients by hand holding them through the content management process.

Customized solutions for e-commerce

Whether you wish to have auctions online or manage online stores, we can develop the right applications which will be affordable as well as scalable, allowing your customers to reach their wares and process the transactions in a quick and efficient manner.

Range of application development services

Our range of application development services is extensive. These include interactive games, social networking, e-commerce, content management, project management, online discussion forums, web conference and educational applications.
How we work

How we work

Our approach to application development is a customer centric approach. For clients who are hesitant with intricacies of software, we understand their requirements and develop an application that will make their work convenient and user friendly. We hand hold our clients through the application usage process and customize any application as per the needs of a client’s business or company objectives.

For discussing your application needs and what you need to make your website more responsive, get in touch with us today. We will leave aside the technology jargon and discuss the software development process and results in terms that you will understand, user friendliness, cost effective and timely solutions to help increase productivity and profitability.